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What is RxREVU?

We believe medications should be more affordable for everyone. So we built a system to analyze your medications for ways to save money such as: brand to generic switches, less expensive alternative drugs, pill splitting, quantity modifications, over-the-counter substitutions and more.

Brand to Generics

In many cases, you don't need to be wasting money on expensive brand name drugs. RxREVU will surface lower costs generics for you if one is available for your current medication.


When a medication is simply too expensive, you need to look for alternatives. RxREVU surfaces appropriate alternatives you should consider with your doctor.

Pill Splitting

Often times, you can split a pill in half. This is useful if a larger dosage is cheaper, and by splitting it, you may be able to save big. RxREVU will let you know if your medication is splittable.

90 Day Supply

There are many drugs that offer considerable savings when bought in bulk, such as a 90 day supply. RxREVU will show you which drugs offer 90 day supply discounts.

Real People. Real Savings.

Our free service helps you uncover several ways you can save money on your medications. If you or someone you know is spending a fortune on medications, please let them know about this website. Together, we can help everyone save money and feel better.

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