Introducing SwiftRx™

Prescription Decision Support

SwiftRx™ has emerged from the need to deliver more consistent, cost-effective prescribing to patients. Providers and payers are under more pressure than ever to collaborate to increase the value of the care they deliver, but lack the connectivity to enable a shared decision at the point of care. RxRevu is Prescription Decision Support.

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SwiftRx™ is a fully-integrated and configurable technology platform that is embedded within your existing EHR. Patient-specific cost, formulary and benefit data are integrated into the point-of-care workflow, making SwiftRx™ available for complex prescribing decisions. This means you never have to leave the EHR in order to access the power of prescription decision support. SwiftRx™ empowers prescribers with the information they need to make informed, consistent prescription decisions.

Prescribers Lack Critical Information at the Point of Care

Providers are making complex purchasing decisions on behalf of their patients. Yet, they lack critical information at the point of care.

SwiftRx™ is a Better Way

Welcome to Prescription Decision Support, the first solution that combines personalized clinical and cost information into an EHR-embedded clinical workflow.

Configure & Deploy

Configure and deploy clinical best practices and cost information within existing EHR workflows.

Search & Compare

Search by drug or diagnosis and view patient-specific medication options with cost and clinical information.

Analyze & Report

View actionable reports and analyze prescribing behavior and outcomes.

Our Partners

Leading healthcare systems and academic medical centers are deploying Prescription Decision Support.

Discover SwiftRx™

Learn more about our Prescription Decision Support and how it improves prescribing decisions.

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